A Christmas Story, the Musical named a top pick by MN Monthly

Quinton Skinner, Minnesota Monthly 11/21/14

The Ordway’s A Christmas Story, the Musical was selected as a must-see holiday show by Minnesota Monthly in it’s December 2014 Twin Cities Arts and Entertainment Picks. Arts Editor Quinton Skinner writes:

“What a strange thing was the 1983 film A Christmas Story: a collection of homely anecdotes strung together by a young boy’s ardor for his first firearm. OK, there’s a bit more to it than that—namely, the story’s eccentricities typified by alleyway bullies, a tongue frozen to a lamppost, and a father’s profane battles with a recalcitrant furnace. This staging at the Ordway is a homegrown production (the show made its debut on Broadway in 2012 to a positive reception), and surely opportunities will not be missed to display the fishnet leg lamp, to warn Ralphie that he’s going to shoot his eye out, or to threaten him with soap poisoning over his occasional use of salty language.”

Read the entire article here.

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