Arts Brain Break: Quote of the Day

Sarah Wiechmann, Ordway 3/27/20

Everyone needs a brain break now and then — why not use that break to express your creativity?  Arts Brain Break is your source for quick activities to recharge your mind and spirit.

Activity: Quote of the Day

  1. Pick out a favorite quote from a musical, actor, Broadway creator, or just about the Arts in general
  2. Brainstorm the reasons why that quote is important to you — does it remind you of someone special? Bring back memories of a favorite place or time? Inspire you to be a creative person?
  3. Think about how you might artistically represent this quote.  You can draw a picture, write a story, write a song — the possibilities are limitless!

Here is an example: 

One of my favorite quotes about the Arts is from Albert Einstein —  “Logic will get you from A-Z, imagination will get you everywhere”

First, I brainstormed all of the ways that this quote is important and relevant to me:

Next, I thought about different ways I could artistically represent the quote:

After reviewing my brainstorm list, I decided to make a drawing:








How will you represent your favorite quote?

Send a copy of your creation to or tag the Ordway on social media with the hashtag #ordwayschooled- you may just see it on one of our channels!

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