Notes From Asia: Vocabulary of Movement and Sound

Notes from Asia: the Vocabulary of Movement and Sound (NFA) connected four performances in the 2015-2016 Target® World Music and Dance series honoring Cambodia, Mongolia, South Korea, and Japan through connective marketing, community leadership, and surrounding programming. The artists in the series not only honored the traditional forms of those cultures, but re-conceptualized the sounds and forms to communicate and reflect their dynamic realities as artists practicing today, in their cities, as global citizens and commentators of “now.”

The work was led by a program coordinator in partnership with Ordway staff, guided by a group of community advisors whose ongoing work is rooted in Asian and Asian-Pacific Islander American culture and artistic expression, and builds upon the ongoing efforts of the Taking Our Place Centerstage an initiative through which the Ordway and SoulTouch Productions, in collaboration with communities of color in the Twin Cities, commits to a continuing a partnership of creative programming, education, and entertainment that inspires us all.

Generous funding from the Minnesota State Arts Board’s Arts Access program allowed for multiple pathways of participation, from community events to transportation support and special group rates. Learn more about the rich array of artistic and cultural expression happenings, including film screenings, conversations, and workshops at the Ordway and in the community, view the NFA photo gallery >

For more information about this program, contact Jenea Rewertz-Targui, Arts Learning Manager, at or 651.282.3017


Program Coordinator
Saymoukda Vongsay

Community Advisors
Banlang Phommasouvanh
Chiaki O’Brien
Kevin Vollmers
Marlina Gonzalez
Mary Anne Quiroz
May Lee-Yang
Phuoc Thi Minh Tran
Rothana Walbolt
Sovanneary Phann Sweere
Tenzin Kunsal
Tommy Sar

Past Events

Dengue Fever

A Los Angeles based band widely recognized for their danceable, delightful mix of Cambodian pop music, psychedelic rock and American garagerock takes the Ordway stage. In a variety of engagements and events, artists, band members, and the community explore the relationships between Cambodian identity and art forms. Click the photos below to learn more about how Dengue Fever was involved in the community at events like school shows, film screenings, and talkbacks!

Click to watch a recap of Dengue Fever’s pre-show ORDWAY EXTRA: “Reclaiming A Lost Culture Through Art,” a conversation about local efforts in cultivating a new generation of Khmer traditional art forms with Minnesota Cambodian Community Council members, Setra Kouch and Rotana Walbolt, and Community Advisors, Tommy Sar and Sovanneary Phann Sweere.

SEOP Dance Company

Classic and contemporary, SEOP Dance Company uses playfulness and theatricality in their piece A Man’s Requiem. One of Korea’s finest dance companies, SEOP fuses Butoh, contemporary dance, and traditional Korean dance techniques to create a stunning display of sound, color and movement. To learn more about the community involvement with SEOP Dance Company at events like master classes, talk backs, and food tastings, check out photos from the event!


From the steppes of Mongolia by way of Beijing, Hanggai blended traditional folk music, Mongolian throat singing, and modern punk rock to create an exciting genre like no other. Hanggai is creating new inroads into the Chinese pop music industry with their unique, modern take on Mongolian folk music. Check out photos from the event to learn more about discussions, throat singing workshops, and film screenings that amplified their performance!


One of the world’s premiere taiko drumming ensembles, TAIKOPROJECT uses the dynamic Japanese, community-based tradition of taiko drumming and incorporates unconventional and innovative concepts to expand artistic boundaries. They had a master class, residencies with local students and more.

Additional Events

The Ordway worked closely with community advisors and partners to maximize the impact of Notes from Asia: the Vocabulary of Movement and Sound. To learn more about the leadership of the program as well as the additional events surrounding the series, click the photos below.

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