Thursday, June 27

The New Standards Summer Sundrop Festival

Ordway Events & Partnerships

“What a terrific combo. Everything they do is a surprise.” – Greil Marcus

Come celebrate summer in Saint Paul with the Twin Cities’ own inimitable jazz trio The New Standards for a brand new, warm-weather variety show extravaganza to rival their annual holiday shows. The band, led by Chan Poling (The Suburbs) on piano, bassist John Munson (Semisonic), and Steve Roehm on vibraphone, will be joined by special guest vocalists—including show-stopper Tina Schlieske and rising star Ashley DuBose—performing a feel-good summertime playlist of classic R&B, soul, and pop tunes. A top-notch ensemble of regular TNS collaborators (Aby Wolf, Cameron Kinghorn, Chris Koza, Lucy Michelle, the Laurels String Quartet and more), will make the night extra special. Could this be the start of a new tradition? You never know.

The New Standards formed in 2005 to play their favorite songs in a stripped-down, acoustic setting. Just as mid-century American jazz musicians reimagined “old standards,” The New Standards create jazz arrangements of recognizable hits and deep tracks alike, drawn from diverse musical genres. Their repertoire spans several decades and includes songs from Dan Hicks to David Byrne, Bowie to Beck, making room for solos and arrangements with the freedom of jazz, and yet never fully abandoning the modest soul of pop and rock.