Ordway Concert Hall
50-60 minutes

School Performances

Ticket Pricing
$4 per person

Lumhe & Samsoche Sampson (Seneca/Mvskoke), have been Hoop dancing for more than 28 years.  The Brothers grew up at Powwows, learning Grass, Fancy, Hoop, and Powwow Social Dances.  As their expertise grew, they started performing alongside musicians, complimenting live music with rhythms expressed and reciprocated through the body and hoops.

Rock, Pop, Blues, R&B, Country and, of course, HipHop / Rap were among the genres that influenced and shaped their experiences and very well carried them throughout Turtle Island (N. America) and beyond. The Sampson Bros have been blessed to perform alongside Indigenous artists such as Keith Secola, Jana Mashonee, Redbone, Brulé, and Frank Waln.

Strengthening their own voice and identity through practicing culture of song and dance has allowed the Sampson Brothers to share, teach, and learn while giving respect and consideration to all walks of life.  Witness and experience Indigenous Hoop Dance from their unique perspective, enlighten your mind and invigorate the spirit through their evolutionary artistry!