Who are the Flint Hills Family Festival Partners?

Sarah Witte-Jacobs, Ordway 5/29/19

If you’ve ever visited the annual Flint Hills Family Festival, chances are you’ve seen the Festival Partners—but you may not have known it! Many of the free, fun activities at the Festival are hosted by local arts and culture organizations who volunteer to participate as Festival Partners. But what does being a Festival Partner really mean?

Flint Hills Family Festival Partner activity tents
Flint Hills Family Festival Partner activity tents

Festival Partners are a significant presence, both indoors and outdoors, at School Days and the public Family Weekend of the Flint Hills Family Festival. They are an integral part of the success of the Festival, including offering engaging and free art activities, supporting arts education, strengthening bonds between people, and uplifting the cultural differences of the vibrant Saint Paul community. Festival Partners fulfill the role of artistic guide for children and their schools and families, providing access to Minnesota’s diverse population through hands-on art and cultural activities.

To participate in the Flint Hills Family Festival, as a Festival Partner, one must be a non-profit arts and culture organization providing programming for families or youth or a program or department of the City of Saint Paul. Their commitment is to staff, plan, supply, and implement one or several artistic and/or cultural activities. These activities must be educational, experiential, interactive, accessible, and creative.

Free activities hosted by Festival Partners at the Flint Hills Family Festival
Free activities hosted by Festival Partners at the Flint Hills Family Festival

Ordway typically recruits about 20 organizations to engage around 16,000 students during School Days and 34,000 children and their families during Family Weekend. Since implementing the component of Partners at the Flint Hills Family Festival, over 300 organizations have been a part of the magic. These organizations are indispensable to the Ordway, and their work results in an average of 700 hours of planning, $10,000 in supplies, and over 250 volunteers for just one year!

Experience the magic yourself! Join us for the 2019 Flint Hills Family Festival on May 31 and June 1 to check out the amazing Festival Partner offerings, and find more information about their organizational happenings at the links below!

2019 Flint Hills Family Festival Partners

Autism Society of Minnesota

Bell Museum

Blast Off to Kindergarden

Hmong Museum

Hoang Anh Vietnamese Dance Group

India Association of Minnesota

Kendama Institute

Minnesota Children’s Museum

Minnesota History Center

Ragamala Dance Company

Saint Paul Fire Department

Saint Paul Public Schools

Science Museum of Minnesota

Sejong Academy Charter School

Silverwood Park – Three Rivers Park District

Stages Theatre Company

SteppingStone Theatre for Youth

The Works Museum

TPT – Twin Cities PBS

Trần Thị Minh Phước


The 2019 Flint Hills Family Festival will appear Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 1 at the Ordway and surrounding areas in downtown Saint Paul. Tickets and more information are available on the Family Festival website or by phone at 651.224.4222.

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