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Free Activities at the Festival

Free games, art-making activities, and more

Local performers and organizations offer art-making, educational activities, games, and more in Rice Park, Landmark Plaza, and surrounding areas.

Build a Band: Band Name Generator
Hosted by the Minnesota History Center

Recommended for all ages

In conjunction with the opening of our new exhibit in May, First Ave, create your own poster using a random band name generator activity with stamps and ink pads. Stamp your band name, then design a poster that fits with the vibe of your new band to advertise an upcoming show.

Draw Your Story Cloth
Hosted by the Hmong Museum

Recommended for ages 5+

View Hmong story cloths and draw your own story! Use crayons to draw using Hmong symbols, or to take inspiration from Hmong symbols. The crayon drawing will then be iron pressed on a square piece of cloth where the crayon will transfer to it, creating your very own story cloth.

DIY Chalk Making and Mural Creation
Hosted by the Science Museum of Minnesota

Recommended for all ages

Make your own chalk with plaster of Paris, water, and food coloring. To bring community together, we’ll also be creating a chalk mural on the sidewalks nearby, weather permitting!

Explore engineering with The Works Museum
Hosted by The Works Museum

Recommended for ages 4–12

Decorate and assemble pre-cut paper frames and prism paper lenses. When worn in sunshine, you’ll see rainbows through your glasses due to the breaking and refracting of light through the special paper!

Express Yourself Bookmarks
Hosted by SteppingStone Theatre for Youth

Recommended for all ages

Create a bookmark that is as unique as you are! Junie B is unapologetically herself, celebrates her quirks, and views them as assets in navigating the perils of school. We celebrate the same things in our students! This is an opportunity to celebrate your own quirkiness by designing a bookmark—including its smell(!)—that speaks to your personality. Make it uniquely you!

A Look at Vietnamese Culture and Stories
Hosted by Hoang Anh Vietnamese Dance Group and Trần Thị Minh Phước 

Recommended for all ages

Participate in paper crafts and folding, cultural displays, and a dress up station to learn about culture in a hands-on way. Individualize your creations while you learn about the cultural significance of the crafts.

Paramapadam Game
Hosted by Ragamala Dance Company

Recommended for all ages

Paramapadam is an age-old precursor to Snakes and Ladders (Chutes and Ladders), in which the players explore the journey of life and progress towards enlightenment. Play the game, and learn about the themes of the game board and how they relate to Ragamala Dance Company’s work Written in Water.

Transformation with Kendama
Hosted by the Kendama Institute

Recommended for ages 6+

Play, explore, and learn with your hands and minds on with the Japanese game of Kendama. Learn about where kendama comes from and why it is still relevant, as well as the basic techniques of playing kendama, practicing principles of Patience, Observation, Interaction, and Perseverance. You’ll also get the chance to design your dream kendama.

Write Your Name in Korean!
Hosted by Sejong Academy Charter School

Recommended for ages 5+

Learn Korean characters, write your name in Korean, and play some traditional Korean games!