Katha Dance Theatre

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Classical North Indian dance performance

Katha Dance Theatre (KDT) creates, performs, and educates through the arts dance, music, poetry, and storytelling. Rooted in Kathak, the classical dance style of North India, KDT is dedicated to making dance accessible, inclusive, and relevant. It enhances the community by bridging diverse cultures and audiences to contribute to life's infinite artistic expressions. Serving the Twin Cities as well as communities in Greater Minnesota, its objective is to: Dance. Discover. Transform.

Founded in 1987 by Rita Mustaphi, KDT is Minnesota's first Asian Indian dance company. Rita Mustaphi is internationally known for her innovative, multicultural, and genre-defying choreography that preserves the Kathak tradition while at the same time diversifying it. KDT specializes in Kathak dance, the 2,000-year-old classical dance of North India that has evolved into a blend of Indo-Persian and Hindu-Islamic cultures, featuring complex rhythms, intricate footwork, graceful movements, pirouettes and gestural storytelling.

KDT is the only Kathak dance company in Minnesota, and one of only 12 in the U.S. They fulfill their mission by producing original Kathak works that often feature international guest artists; touring regionally, nationally and internationally; and educating students , both at their Kathak Dance School and during summer intensive classes with Ms. Mustaphi and guest artists. KDT regularly provide community outreach programs—residencies, workshops, master classes, lectures, and demonstrations—to schools, community organizations, and corporate events to help build intercultural understanding and acceptance.