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Children's Festival tent activity with child drawing
Young girl smiling with face painted

2017 Festival Partners and Tent Activities

The annual Flint Hills International Children’s Festival highlights performance artists from around the world for young audiences and their families. Between performances, Festival-goers can enjoy activities in the surrounding parks, which include free art-making activities hosted by our Festival Partners. Each Festival Partner’s involvement is vitally important in the celebration of each child’s imaginative spirit! Below is a list of this year’s Festival Partners.


Autism Society of Minnesota

Autism Inclusion Square: Through a popular game most known as “Fortuneteller,” children young and old will learn how to interact with one another on a deeper level, through conversation building skills!

Age Recommendation: 6+

Bell Museum of Natural History

Pollinator Patrol: Put together your very own seed bombs while learning about our native and non-native pollinators. Also, color and take home a pollinator sun catcher!

Age Recommendation: All Ages

Blast Off to Kindergarten

Child Reach Uganda

African Mancala: Create your own Mancala game from egg cartons and seeds, while learning about different cultures of Uganda!

Age Recommendation: 5+

Children’s Theatre Company

East Side Arts Council

Hoang Anh Vietnamese Dance Group

Myths and Legends: Individualize Vietnamese crafts like fish origami, as well as learn about what the creations represent in Vietnamese culture. Phouc Tran, award winning Vietnamese author, storyteller, and librarian will also be sharing Vietnamese folklore. Don’t forget to snap a picture of yourself dressed in traditional Vietnamese clothing!

Age Recommendation: All Ages

India Association of Minnesota

Ceremonies and Rituals of India: Check out exhibits of Indian American culture, get Henna, take a selfie in traditional garments, and play Cricket! 

Age Recommendation: 5+


 Indigenous Roots

Minnesota Cambodian Communities Council

Bos Angkunh & Tres: learn about Cambodian culture through traditional games and also participate in a bamboo dance demonstrations!

Age Recommendation: 4+

Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Make A Book: Create your own accordion book, by folding a long sheet of paper and decorating to your individual style, just like the ones found in both ancient and contemporary bookbinding traditions. Add content to your book to tell your own personal story!

Age Recommendation: All Ages

Minnesota Children’s Museum

Big Healthy Fun!: Jump around and let off some steam by engaging with this active equipment while encouraging healthy habits, adult involvement, strength of fine motor skills, early math skills, and understanding of symmetry/balance.

Age Recommendation: All Ages

Minnesota History Center

Animal Heroes of WWI: Meet Stubby the War Dog and see a puppet show! Create your very own Stubby through paper models, and learn more about all the different kinds of animals that made countless contributions to the war effort. 

Age Recommendation: 5+

Saint Paul Fire Department

Smoke Alarm Safety Face: Learn about fire safety by creating your own smoke alarm face on a paper plate. Glue a message on the back reminding your parents to check their smoke alarms to make sure they are working!

Age Recommendation: All Ages


Saint Paul Public Schools

Science Museum of Minnesota

Animating Your Life: Engage with our “Science Behind Pixar” exhibit by learning the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts used by artists and computer scientists who help bring Pixar’s award-winning films to the big screen.

Age Recommendation: 5+

Sejong Academy Korean Immersion School

Stages Theatre Company

Make-A-Mask: design your very own theatrical mask!

Age Recommendation:5+

SteppingStone Theatre for Youth Development

Aladdin Jr Fez: Color a square sheet of paper with all the colors of Agrabah, and then, with three simple folds, turn it into a fez hat, just like the one Aladdin wears!

Age Recommendation: 8+

Three Rivers Park District (Silverwood Park)

Poe-Tree: First learn about nature through hands on interpretive materials, then create your very own a take home accordion tree poetry book, and lastly, don’t forget to design a leaf to hang on our community tree project!

Age Recommendation: All Ages

VSA Minnesota