Science Museum of Minnesota

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Cardboard City

Wonderful things can happen when familiar materials (corrugate and cardboard), some simple tools, and your boundless imagination and ingenuity come together! Explore building techniques and create objects to make your city the best place it can be. Then visit the Cardboard City gallery at the Science Museum this summer to play, build and learn with other community members. 

Science and technology are all around us

The Science Museum of Minnesota believes in science and education that centers equity, and that science and technology are all around us.

What they do
  • Bring science to life by helping people see the importance of science and its potential to improve lives, including inspiring STEM careers, supporting students and educators in STEM learning, and promoting science-based actions and policies.

  • With equity at the center of their work, work to address the systemic barriers to engaging in STEM, and offer access programs to eliminate financial barriers to our programs and experiences.

  • Provide a space for dialogue about topics that impact our lives daily—like race, climate change, and mental health.

  • Reach more than one million people each year through trips to the museum, Omnitheater films, and traveling exhibits.