Honoree Spotlight

We are pleased to honor Travelers at this year’s Spring Fête.

The company, who has been a generous supporter and strong advocate of the Ordway since 1982, believes that the arts help create vibrant communities and enrich lives by building multicultural understanding, and by sparking important dialogues about diversity and inclusion. We thank Travelers for its ongoing partnership and for its dedication to improving academic and career success, developing thriving neighborhoods, and creating culturally enriched communities.

2021 Spring Fête


Terri Henneman, Chair · Christine Sand, Vice Chair · Carline Bengtsson · Catherine Engle · Bonnie Grzeskowiak · Erin Heelan · Jessica Irvine Tobin · Kara Johnson · Leila Keita · Jeff Lin · Amy Marret · Nancy Nicholson, Advisor · Marla Ordway · Muffy Sewall · Jim Walston · Nicole Winter Tietel · Jennifer Wolf

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