Introducing Ordway Encore Quarterly Magazine

Jamie Grant, Ordway 4/26/17

Ordway Encore, our new quarterly magazine

Ordway Encore magazine cover
Our new quarterly magazine, delivered to Ordway supporters.

As a performing arts center that presents an eclectic and diverse array of talented artists, the number of incredible narratives that begin, grow, and deepen at the Ordway, both on and off our stages, is astounding. From the community relationships that enrich us, to the amazing talent that comes out of our artist training programs, to the transformative moments that connect performer and audience, there are so many stories to tell.

Art brings us together in a vital way. It links us to the performers on stage, to those with whom we share the experience, and to the often unseen hands at work behind the scenes. It links us to a collective message, and to a broader community at work to express something larger than ourselves. Whether we entered the performance as friends or as strangers, as soon as we take our seats, our places on stage, or our seat in the community, we become inextricably connected through the process of creating art.

As we at the Ordway began to imagine how we might celebrate and share these experiences, and through them build and shape our community, the idea for Ordway Encore started taking shape. In our inaugural issue, it’s my honor to share with you just some of the many stories the Ordway is fortunate to be a part of this spring. Journey to the boulevards of Paris, France with the annual Spring Fête and the national tour of An American in Paris; get a first look at Where The Light Shines Through, the new Ordway-commissioned piece by Ronald K. Brown that will premiere with TU Dance this month; and delight your inner child with a preview of the 2017 Flint Hills International Children’s Festival, presented by Ordway. It’s all here, in Ordway Encore. We hope you’ll join us.

Jamie Grant, President and CEO

Jamie Grant | President and CEO


Ordway Encore is delivered quarterly to Ordway supporters. To stay in the know about Ordway shows, events, artist training, community engagement, and more, sign up for the Encore Weekly e-mail newsletterOrdway Encore is sponsored by Allegra Downtown Saint Paul. 

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