MinnPost: In progress: Checking out the new Ordway Concert Hall

Pamela Espeland, MinnPost 10/7/14

The new Concert Hall at the Ordway will open to the public on March 1, 2015, with an open house followed in rapid succession by an eclectic line-up of performances: the SPCO, the Schubert Club, Ananya Dance, Cantus, Haley Bonar, Sounds of Blackness, a Liquid Music concert by Helado Negro, a Schubert Club scholarship competition winners’ recital and more.

At the moment, less than five short months away, the $42-million project is a pounding, banging, screaming, sparks-flying construction site.

Late last week, I donned a hard hat and a yellow safety vest for a tour led by Andrew Luft, the Ordway’s production director and construction project manager. Much of what we saw will be covered up when the hall is finished: layers and underlayers, conduits, wiring and infrastructure that will make the hall state-of-the-art, multimedia-ready and “future-proof,” able to accept whatever new technology comes along in the next several years.

Read the entire article and view the behind-the-scenes photos HERE.

See the full photo gallery HERE.

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