Ordway Extra: Art Healing the Wounds of Social Injustice

Jenea Rewertz-Targui, Ordway 10/26/19

The audience witnessed a powerful conversation, “in a time such as this,” between Maia Maiden, Curator & Director of Maia Maiden Productions moderated by Robin P. Hickman-Winfield, CEO and Executive Producer of SoulTouch Productions, founder of Taking Our Place Centerstage, and Ordway Organizational Strategist prior to the Caravan: A Revolution On the Road performance. This video, produced by Souleye Productions, is a recap highlighting the intersection of art, justice, and healing.


Guests also experienced a unique art installation featuring fashion by Neil Taylor of True Headz Clothing, including his trademark caps that celebrate old school fat laces—and that spirit of unrestrained creativity—in a new way.  And had the opportunity to learn how communities are coming together to honor the life and humanitarianism of Philando Castile through The Community Peace Garden, a gathering space for peace, justice and healing, a project of the Minnesota and St. Paul Foundation.



View more photos by Sherine Onukwuwe from the pre-show discussion in an online gallery>

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