The annual Flint Hills Family Festival highlights performance artists from around the world for young audiences and their families. Between performances, Festival-goers can enjoy activities in the surrounding parks, which include free art-making activities with our Festival Partners.

Serving about 50,000 individuals throughout the course of the week, Partners of the Ordway Center for Performing Arts are an integral part of the success of the Festival, including offering engaging and free art activities, supporting arts education, strengthening bonds between people, and uplifting the cultural differences of the vibrant Saint Paul community.

To participate as a Festival Partner, a Partner must be either a:

  • Non-profit arts or cultural organization providing programming for youth or families; or
  • City of Saint Paul service department or program

Festival Partners must provide:

  • Art-making activity and supplies for approximately 500 visitors each day during the School Days and 1,000 visitors the Family Weekend;
  • 3-4 volunteers to staff the tent for the duration of park hours; and
  • Organization informational materials

Art-making activities must meet the following criteria:

  • Be educational
  • Be experiential/interactive
  • Be accessible
  • Encourage creativity

Ordway Center for the Performing Arts provides Festival Partners with:

  • Shared tent, tables, and chairs;
  • Hospitality (food, beverage, and parking vouchers); and
  • Visual recognition (including large banners, inclusion in the Flint Hills Family Festival brochures, maps, and website)

Apply now for your non-profit arts or cultural organization to be a Festival Partner!  Please use the application form below to submit your proposal.

Festival Partner Application

Deadline for 2019 Flint Hills Family Festival application: January 31, 2019