Sally Award Recipients

26th annual Sally Awards

Mizna – Social Impact
Maia Maiden – Initiative
Gao Hong – Commitment
Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop – Arts Learning
Washburn Blackbox Acting Program – Arts Access

25th annual Sally Awards

Rhiana Yazzie – Vision
Bee Yang – Initiative
J. Otis Powell‽ – Commitment 
Z Puppets Rosenschnoz – Education
Hunter Gullickson – Arts Access

24th annual Sally Awards

Rebecca Moran Cusick of Los Alegres Bailadores – Vision
Kyu-Young Kim – Initiative
Steven Schmidt – Commitment
Reverend Carl Walker and Grant West – Education
May Lee Yang – Arts Access

23rd annual Sally Awards

American Composers Forum – Vision
Theresa Sweetland – Initiative
Cynthia Gehrig – Commitment
The Steeles – Education
Edge Center for the Arts – Arts Access

22nd annual Sally Awards

Franconia Sculpture Park– Vision
Kristine Sorensen – Initiative
James Samuel “Cornbread” Harris Sr. – Commitment
Lyz Jaakola – Education
MacPhail Online – Arts Access

21st annual Sally Awards

Jimmy Longoria – Vision
Faye M. Price and Noël Raymond – Initiative
Anthony Caponi – Commitment
Hillcrest Community School – Education
David J. Fraher and Arts Midwest – Arts Access

20th annual Sally Awards

Ta-Coumba T. Aiken – Vision
TU Dance – Initiative
Kevin Smith – Commitment
Ross Sutter- Education
Rick Jacobson – Arts Access

19th annual Sally Awards

Michelle Hensley and Ten Thousand Things Theater – Vision
Kathy Mouacheupao and the Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (CHAT) – Initiative
Willie Murphy – Commitment
Anton Treuer – Education
Amy Stoller Stearns and the Historic Holmes Theatre/DLCCC – Arts Access (Inaugural)

18th annual Sally Awards

VSA arts of Minnesota – Vision
Bedlam Theatre – Initiative
Myron Johnson – Commitment
T. Mychael Rambo – Education

17th annual Sally Awards

Mixed Blood Theatre – Vision
Bruce Coppock – Initiative
Wendy Lehr – Commitment
St. Francis Music Center – Education

16th annual Sally Awards

Rick Shiomi – Vision
Michael Burgraff – Initiative
Al Milgrom – Commitment
Project SUCCESS – Education

15th annual Sally Awards

Joe Dowling – Vision
Hal Cropp – Initiative
Dale Schatzlein – Commitment 
Arts for Academic Achievement – Education

14th annual Sally Awards

Seitu Jones – Vision
Chris Osgood – Initiative
Joan Mondale – Commitment
SteppingStone Theatre – Education

13th annual Sally Awards

Graywolf Press – Vision
Gary Hines – Initiative
Leigh Kamman – Commitment
Park Square Theatre – Education

12th annual Sally Awards

Dale Warland – Vision
BJ Shigaki/Rochester Arts Center – Initiative
Bruce Carlson – Commitment
Sheila Livingston – Education

11th annual Sally Awards

KFAI Fresh Air Radio – Vision
Textile Center of Minnesota – Initiative
Lawrence M. Redmond and Minnesota Citizens for the Arts – Commitment
MacPhail Center for the Arts – Education

10th annual Sally Awards

Minnesota Fringe Festival – Vision
Maya Lopez-Santamaria – Initiative
Philip Brunelle – Commitment
Pillsbury House Theatre’s Chicago Avenue Project – Education

9th annual Sally Awards

Wing Young Huie – Vision
The Loft Literary Center – Initiative
Sage and John Cowles, Jr. – Commitment
Linwood A+ Elementary School – Education

8th annual Sally Awards

Michael Robins and Bonnie Morris – Vision
Rick Kvam – Initiative
George Morrison – Commitment
Pamela Paulson – Education
Carl B. Drake, Jr. – Distinguished (Special Award in 1999)

7th annual Sally Awards

Armando Gutierrez – Vision
Marj Hawkins – Initiative
Sen. Dick Cohen – Commitment
St. Paul Central Touring Theatre Program – Education

6th annual Sally Awards

Theatre de la Jeune Lune – Vision
Grand Marais Art Colony – Initiative
Elizabeth W. Musser – Commitment
John Caddy – Education

5th annual Sally Awards

Dorit Cypis for Kulture Klub – Vision
Patrick’s Cabaret – Initiative
Judson Bemis Sr. – Commitment
Minnesota Rural Arts Initiative- A Program of COMPAS (Community Programs in the Arts) – Education (inaugural)

4th annual Sally Awards

John R. Killacky – Vision
Intermedia Arts – Initiative
In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre – Commitment

3rd annual Sally Awards

Asian American Renaissance – Vision
Rebecca Petersen – Initiative
Lou Bellamy – Commitment

2nd annual Sally Awards

John Davis – Vision
Native Arts Circle – Initiative
Topsy Simonson – Commitment

Inaugural Sally Awards

Artspace Projects, Inc. – Vision
The Jungle Theater – Initiative
Bruce Dayton – Commitment

Awarded posthumously.