The Revolution Will Not Be Pasteurized: Thoughtful Consumption

Victoria Menchaca, Ordway 2/7/15

From collard greens to guava, moderator Kenna Cottman reminds us that food remains a cultural centerpiece of our society. In this ORDWAY EXTRA, Josh Bergeron and Seitu Jones introduce ideas on how to tell local food stories and enhance the health of our community, while Artistic Director and Choreographer of Contra Tiempo, Ana Maria Alvarez, offers insightful input on the “pasteurization” of culture. She wonders: “If pasteurizing food depletes its flavor and its nutritional value, what happens when someone ‘pasteurizes’ culture to make it more consumable and palatable for the masses?”

In this video, the audience gained insight and knowledge socially-conscious consumption and the impact of our individual choices prior to the Contra Tiempo performance at the Ordway.

Videography/Photography: Sherine Onukwuwe, Souleye Films

Speaker Bios

Kenna Cottman
Voice of Culture: Drum and Dance, Dancer, Choreographer, and Social Change Activist

As a dance artist for over 20 years, Kenna Cottman is a Black American Griot, following in the oral tradition of storytelling through art. Since 2008, her dance company, Voice of Culture: Drum and Dance, focuses on telling the story of West African people with a Black American twist through culture, art, dance, and movement.

Seitu Jones
Public artist

Working on his own or in collaboration with others, artist Seitu Jones has created over 30 large-scale public artworks, including three works on the Metro Green Line light-rail service. His work, Create: The Community Meal, focused on environmental sustainability, food production, and food justice as 2,400 Twin Cities residents ate dinner together on a half-mile long table.

Ana Maria Alvarez
Artistic Director and Choreographer for CONTRA TIEMPO

Ana Maria Alvarez founded and directed CONTRA-TIEMPO, an Urban Latin Dance Theater with Salsa and Afro-Cuban roots, in 2005. CONTRA-TIEMPO performed “Full Still Hungry” at the Ordway, exploring how food, race, privilege and overconsumption impact everyday lives.

Josh Bergeron
Partner & Outreach Lead at Common Table

With over ten years of architectural experience, Josh Bergeron utilizes his skills as a Partner & Outreach Lead at Common Table, a growing network of members of the food community and designers working together to promote local food in MN

CONTRA-TIEMPO fuses elements of Salsa, Afro-Cuban, hip-hop, urban and contemporary dance to create an invigorating dance performance. Based in Los Angeles, CONTRA-TIEMPO produces socially aware contemporary work that challenges audiences to confront the harsh realities of topics like race, food consumption, wealth, and power.

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Contra Tiempo

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