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The Ordway’s unique spaces provide a wide range of event venue options. Surround yourself with stunning architecture, vibrant views of Rice Park and downtown Saint Paul, and a lively atmosphere that will provide your guests with a one-of-a-kind experience that they won’t forget.

Ordway Facility Rental Information
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If you wish to inquire about a facility rental, please email facilityrentals@ordway.org and include the following information:

  1. A brief event description

  2. Estimated attendance

  3. A date or date range you are interested in inquiring about

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Support for renting the Concert Hall

The Knight Fund

The Knight Foundation Cultural Opportunity Fund provides artists and organizations the opportunity to receive a partial or full subsidy towards renting the Ordway’s Concert Hall.

Music Theater Empty
Music Theater Empty Wide Angle

Music Theater

The Ordway Music Theater seats 1,900 guests and includes two large rehearsal halls, magnificent lobbies on each floor, and the Target Atrium- a spacious, two story lobby encircled by a glass facade which overlooks Rice Park and downtown Saint Paul.

Capacity: 1,910 Seats

4 seating sections and 52 standing room locations

Orchestra: (1st level) 709 seats Mezzanine: (Extension of the Orchestra level) 578 seats Balcony: (3rd level) 349 seats Gallery: (4th level) 274 seats


  • Adjustable proscenium stage

  • Full fly loft

  • Multi-configuration orchestra pit

  • An optional thrust

  • Architectural orchestra shell

  • Complete lighting and sound packages

Concert Hall

The Ordway Concert Hall is a state-of-the-art performance and recording venue that was brought to life by the Ordway’s principal resident organizations: Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, Minnesota Opera, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, and The Schubert Club.

Concert Hall | 1st Tier Loft
Concert Hall | Stage
Concert Hall | Seating
Concert Hall | The Ordway

Capacity : 1,085 Seats

4 seating sections

Main Floor: (1st level) 535 seats 1st Tier: (2nd level) 173 seats 1st Tier Choir Loft: (2nd level behind stage) 118 seats 2nd Tier: (3rd level) 259 seats


  • “Shoebox” style concert hall where there is no separation between the performance platform and the audience

  • Acoustic dampening curtains can be drawn to enhance percussive or amplified programming

  • Reverberation time has been designed to showcase small ensembles

  • 1,100 glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG) acoustic panels line the walls

  • Performance platform measures 48′ wide x 32′ deep and is a sprung wooden mahogany floor

Target Atrium Side Angle
Target Atrium Looking Outside
Target Atrium Looking Outside at Dusk
Target Atrium Windows
Target Atrium from gallery
Target Atrium Empty

The Target Atrium

Venue Capacity

For social events: 250 For seated banquets: 150 For seated lectures: 125 For seated panels and formal events: 60

Venue Features

  • Spectacular views of Rice Park and Downtown Saint Paul

Orchestra Lobby

Venue Capacity

Perfect for social gatherings up to: 100 people

Grand Staircase
Orchestra Lobby Stair Case

The Drake Room


For social events: 150 For seated banquets: 110 For seated lectures: 130


  • Room dimensions: 56′ x 48′

The Drake Room Empty
The Drake Room Grand Piano

US Bank Rehearsal Room


For social events: 40 For seated banquets: 24 For seated lectures: 30


  • Room dimensions: 36′ x 21′

US Bank Rehearsal Room

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