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Joseph Mathew “Godsent” James

Dedicated and motivated by his passion for creativity to continue providing education in dance to the next generation of artists in the Twin Cities

Joseph got his start in dancing through musical theater as a sophomore in high school.  He moved to social styles such as Latin and Swing, and from there found Breaking which got him connected with the Funkstyles scene. Over the years Joseph has represented local crews including 4got10 Elementz, YML (Yesterday’s Missing Life) and ALL DAY.

He has performed in many spaces including, but not limited to: The Guthrie, Ordway Center for Performing Arts, and the Minnesota State Fair. Joseph has also appeared in shows such ROOTED and Being Brothas, Sistah Solo, as well as productions at Main Street Theatre. He was the choreographer for High School Musical for Morris Park Players, previously taught at Moore than Dance studio, and currently is an instructor at House of Dance Twin Cities Studios and Saitn Paul Conservatory for the Performing Arts. Beyond his own performances and achievements, Joseph has been a judge for a number of competitive dance competitions.

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Herb Johnson III

McKnight Fellow

McKnight Fellow, Herb Johnson III graduated from Perpich Center for the Performing Arts in 2010 and studied 3 years at the Lundstrum Center for Arts. Herb is now at the University of Minnesota as an Urban & Street dance instructor. He currently choreographs and performs solo and in groups 612 Crew, DeadPool, and Mixtape. Professional work includes iLuminate from America’s Got Talent, Choreographing G-Easy'sHalftime show 2018, and SuperBowl 52 half-time Show 2018 with Justin Timberlake.

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Sarah Larsson

vocalist, songwriter, and folklorist

Sarah is devoted to learning and sharing music form women’s traditions from her own roots: Eastern European, Irish, Scottish, and Swedish diaspora. Sarah has performed with The Nightingale Trio and is the founder of Folk Will Save Us and the Twin Cities klezmer jam community the Longfellow Village Band. Drawing from deep roots of vocal folk music from Eastern Europe and North America, Larsson infuses her interpretations of traditional music with a harmony sensibility rooted in and liberated from years as a classical choral singer. Sarah’s new project, Red Thread, further unspools the line of folk tradition, merging original song with rich textures and vocal harmony from the Balkans, Yiddish, and Americana tradition. 

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The Nightingale Trio Website

Erinn Liebhard

Dance artist

Erinn Liebhard is a dance artist making opportunities for people to experience the reflective and connective power of groove through performance and education. Guided by this inspiration and a fondness for jazz and American social dance ideas, she's worked with creatives as varied as hip-hop dance theater artists Rennie Harris and the Wild Goose Chase Cloggers Appalachian clogging company. Currently, in performance, she makes and performs new staged works and presents those of others through her company Rhythmically Speaking and plays as “Nerdette” for St. Paul Saints Baseball, in addition to making new works for professional companies, colleges and high schools. In education, she works as a Teaching Artist for the Cowles Center and serves as a member of their Advisory Council, is on faculty at several area art high schools and universities, conducts educational outreach through her company and is an active writer and conference presenter. She is driven to connect with people and help them connect to themselves, one another and the moment through rooted and innovative embodiment of groove.

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Erin Liebhard Website

2022 Beyond the Stage Artist