Ordway community programs and more

The Ordway’s community programs connect our unique live performances with thousands in the community each year to create high quality arts learning and engagement experiences. Ordway events are so much more than what meets the eye. Every celebration, backstage tour, and community discussion can spread the wonder of live performance, inspire future generations, and strengthen an arts community that is as strong as it is diverse.

At the Intersection

A series of conversations and events throughout the Ordway season exploring the intersection of performing arts with cultures, communities, professions, and organizations in Minnesota and around the world.

The Ordway Presents

At the Intersection: Lights, Camera, Fashion—Oh My!

November 16, 2022 Ordway Target Atrium
The Ordway Presents

At the Intersection: zAmya Theater Project

October 20, 2022 Ordway Target Atrium

Family Arts Blast

Bring the whole family to the Ordway and enjoy a wide range of creative activities happening throughout the building. You can make or try an instrument, learn new dance moves, explore hands on art projects — and every 20 minutes a new show or concert will start inside the three performance spaces. Programming provided by the Ordway, Minnesota Opera, Schubert Club, and The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. Come explore. All are welcome! Admission is free for all ages and no reservations are required.

Saint Paul Public Schools Honors Concert

The Ordway partners with Saint Paul Public Schools and the Minnesota Museum of American Art (The M) to host the Annual Saint Paul Public Schools Honors Concert, Performance Art and Art Exhibition. Honors events provide creative and talented young artists in Saint Paul Public Schools with a professionally produced Concert, Performance, and Visual Art Exhibition experience and is a community celebration of Saint Paul Public Schools students’ knowledge, skills, efforts and commitment to Arts education.