Ordway's in-school arts programs

Ordway Education programs offer innovative arts education curriculum rooted in Minnesota state education standards, and led by nationally acclaimed professional artists for all grades and skill levels. In-school programs provide an invaluable model of arts integration for teachers designed to enhance student’s understanding of art through personalized education experiences.

Program goals

  • Support and/or introduce specialized arts education in K-12 schools for both students and educators

  • Personalize and contextualize the experience of attending a performance at the Ordway

  • Encourage and facilitate critical thinking about live performance and arts-based instruction

  • Work towards inclusion and equity in arts-based education

Performing arts residencies

The Ordway’s performing arts residencies can be tailored for students of any age, incorporating elements of the performing arts, dance, musical theater, storytelling, literature, and critical analysis. Over the course of 5-10 sessions, students learn to contextualize and examine musical theater through a modern lens. Using their own experiences as a tool for understanding, students are guided through an in-depth analysis of the narratives found in some of the world’s influential performing art forms.

Ordway Education Online

Ordway Education: Online is a place for educators, community, and students to learn about all things performing arts. Designed with teachers in mind, these free lessons and activities offer insights and fun to parents, caregivers, and artists of all levels.

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Artist visits

Artists performing at the Ordway visit your school for a Q&A, discussion, or masterclass.

For more information about artist visits, please call our Education Hotline at 651.282.3115 or email ordwayeducation@ordway.org.

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