Ordway Board


Patrick Garay-Heelan, Chair Kim Randolph, Vice Chair Scott Kirkland, Treasurer Laura Halferty, Secretary Christopher Harrington, President and CEO

Jason Booth Amanda Brinkman Keith Bryan Honorable Melvin Carter + — Noel Nix, Designee Jennifer Coates Erin Dady Tina Dear Patrick Garay-Heelan Rajiv Garg Melissa M. Gilbertson Dr. Joe Gothard + — Jan Spencer de Gutiérrez, Designee Rochelle Cox + — Lori Ledoux, Designee Laura Halferty Donna Harris Ed.D Christopher Harrington Bill Johnson Scott Kirkland David M. Kuplic Greg Landmark Jeff Lin John Lunseth Matt Majka Mary Nease Conrad Nguyen John Ordway, III Kimberly A. Randolph William Sands * Dan Stoltz Holli VanOverbeke José R. Varela Timothy A. Welsh John Vincent Wolak Jennifer L. Wolf Brad Wood

*Ex Officio

President’s Advisory Council

Bill Sands, Chair Brian Brakke, Steering Committee Rosa Miller, Steering Committee John and Ruth Bergerson Andy Besette Judith Bond Penny Bond and Chuck Grimsrud Jeannie Buckner Bob Cattanach Mary Choate Traci Egly James and Joan Gardner Chris Georgacas William D. Gullickson, Jr. Representative Alice Hausman Mark and Terri Henneman John and Ruth Huss Twinks Irvine Jill Irvine Crow Mike and Kara Johnson Lucy R. Jones and Jim Johnson Maureen Kucera-Walsh George Latimer Eric Levinson P. W. (Bill) Parker Dwight Peterson David and Muffy Sewall Jessica Irvine Tobin Nancy Weyerhaeuser

Ordway Staff


Christopher Harrington, President and CEO Nikki Glaser, Director of Executive and Board Operations

Broadway @ the Ordway

Rachel Murch-D’Olimpio, General Manager

Education and Programming

Tanya Gertz, Vice President of Programming and Community Impact Ololade Gbadamosi, Education Coordinator Maia Maiden, Director of Arts Learning and Community Engagement Sarah Wiechmann, Manager of School Programs


Diane Nixa, Vice President of Advancement Annie Deering, Events and Special Initiatives Manager Leah Dixon, Director of Individual Giving and Advancement Operations Ann Harrington, Director of Institutional Relations Hayden Howland, Individual Giving and Donor Communications Officer Brittany Kuborn, Senior Associate, Donor Services Lauren Volkart, Donor Information and Data Coordinator

Ticket Services

Andrea Corich, Director of Ticket Services Graham Barr, Ticket Services Supervisor Bryan Holmer, Ticket Services Supervisor Zack Anderson, Ticket Services Associate Cass Casarez, Ticket Services Associate Margaret Hoffman, Ticket Services Associate Amelia Kelly, Ticket Services Associate Brittany Kuborn, Ticket Services Associate John Lewitzke, Ticket Services Associate Christina Meric-Gomez, Ticket Services Associate Andrea Nicholson, Ticket Services Associate

Building Operations


Andrew Luft, Vice President of Building Operations and Production Kris Brodersen, Associate Electrician, Concert Hall ** Erik Dale, Production Manager Mark Dalglish, Head of Properties ** Julia Erickson, Director of Production Paola Fisher, Assistant Electrician ** James Gralian, Head Sound Engineer ** Molly Gubbins, Assistant Properties ** Marc Johnson, Head Electrician ** Boris Kilmer, Assistant Carpenter ** Michael Klippert, Head Carpenter ** Collin Sherraden, Associate Sound Engineer, Concert Hall ** Veronica Strain, Assistant Sound Engineer** Jessica Swanson, Manager of Production Department Operations

Building Engineers

Kelly Whitwam, Chief Engineer * Patrick Dreher, Building Engineer * Jeffrey Klepel, Building Engineer * Samuel Lienke, Building Engineer *


James Dear, Housekeeping Manager Barry Ashford, Housekeeper Jamecia Powell, Housekeeper Guillermo Bueno-Luna, Housekeeping Lead Deborah Cross, Housekeeper Bashule Gammada, Housekeeper Andrea Henderson, Assistant Housekeeping Manager Julian Rodriguez, Housekeeper Brian Turney, Housekeeper Sinknish Zerafu, Housekeeper


Martin Sullivan, Security Manager Lawrence Chansi, Stage Door Attendant Sarah Conover, Stage Door Attendant Karyn Cronin, Stage Door Attendant John Lewitzke, Stage Door Attendant Reginald Page, Stage Door Attendant Kate Pierce, Stage Door Attendant Tammie Strong, Stage Door Attendant

Marketing and Audience Development

Connie Shaver, Vice President of Marketing and Communications - Contract Ryan Hall, Social Media Coordinator Anna Hopps, Digital Content Manager Isaac Mayhew, Marketing Manager Tara Pollock, Marketing and Media Project Coordinator Melysa Rogen, Director of Sales and Marketing Jordan Wagaman, Graphic Designer

Operations and Business Resources

Christine Sagstetter, Executive Vice President and CFO Leslie Brandt, Director of Rentals and Contracts Cindy Cameron, Senior Accountant Tammy Cohen, Director of Human Resources Samantha Goessner, Manager of Special Projects Paul Hattouni, Director of Accounting, Financial Reporting & Systems Diane Kammerude, Director of Accounts Payable, Treasury & Business Transactions

Guest Services

Tammie Weinfurtner, Director of Guest Services Ellen Carle, Food and Beverage Assistant Amy Fleischhacker, Food and Beverage Assistant Makayla Johnson, Guest Services Event Manager Kasey Tunell, Guest Services Staff and Volunteer Manager

* Personnel of the engineering staff are represented by the International Union of Operating Engineers.

** Personnel of the production staff are represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees.