Saturday, December 1, 2018

Nachito Herrera: Afro-Latin Renaissance

Music & Movement Series, Ordway Music Theater

Acclaimed world-class musician Nachito Herrera’s Afro-Latin Renaissance combines classical Afro-Latin Cuban jazz, dance, and painting, drawing on the roots of Afro-American and Latin American communities and visiting the heart of our cultural identities. Using colors, flavors, and authenticity, Afro-Latin Renaissance proves once again the power of music as the universal language of unity and peace.

As a Minnesota favorite, Nachito never fails to electrify Twin Cities stages, and rightfully owns his legendary status as a distinguished pianist across the world. Making his debut as a 12-year old with the Havana Symphony Orchestra in Cuba, he has continued to leave his mark on music, and our hearts, ever since.


Featured Artists

Producers and Artistic Directors: Aurora Herrera and Ignacio Nachito Herrera
Musical Director, piano player, and conductor: Ignacio Nachito Herrera

Nachito Herrera’s Havana Jazz Social Club

First Violin: Karen Briggs
Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Flute, and Ewe: Hammadi Bayard
Alto Sax, Ewe: Mike Phillips
Tenor Sax: David J. Wright III
First Trumpet: Leider Chapotin
Second Trumpet: Larry Sims
Bass: Daymar Calvario
Keyboard: Victor Johnson
Drums: Raul Pineda
Percussion: Edgar Martinez Ochoa
Bongos: Carlos Caro
Singers: Mirdalys Herrera, Fred Steele, Maurice Jacox, and Norah Long

Minnesota Youth Symphonies

Conductor: Manny Laureano

St. Peter African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church Choir

Director: Byron Roberson

Grupo De Danzas Colombianas

Choreographer: Martha Ordonez Daniels

Rene Dennis Thompson and Dancers

Choreographer: Rene Dennis Thompson


Ordway Pre-Show Extra

Saturday, December 1, 2018
6:30PM | Target Atrium

Arrive early to listen to “feel-good music from the Heart of Africa” with an appearance by Siama’s Congo Roots featuring Congolese composer and guitarist Siama Matuzungidi. Then experience visual art on display showcasing a premier group of Cuban artists of international acclaim curated by M. Avrom Appleman, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Cubano Gallery.


Post-Show Mingle

Post-show | Target Atrium

Stick around following the performance for a post-show mingle in the Target Atrium to meet Nachito Herrera and the performers, including cash bar!