April 8 - 19

Sting starring in The Last Ship

Broadway Series, Ordway Music Theater

“Heartbreaking, uplifting, intimate, and universal.”
— The Stage

Acclaimed musical The Last Ship, featuring original music and lyrics by multiple Grammy Award winner Sting, will be at the Ordway for a limited engagement beginning April 8, 2020 as part of 2019–2020 Broadway at the Ordway.

Sting will star as shipyard foreman Jackie White, and will perform the role at every performance.

The Last Ship is an epic tale of community, hope, and a great act of collective defiance. When a sailor named Gideon Fletcher returns home after seventeen years at sea, tensions between past and future flare in both his family and his town. The local shipyard, around which Wallsend has always revolved, is closing, and no one knows what will come next—only that a half-built ship towers over the terraces. With the engine fired and pistons in motion, picket lines are drawn as foreman Jackie (Sting) and his wife Peggy fight to hold their community together in the face of the gathering storm.

With an outstanding score inspired by Sting’s 1991 album The Soul Cages and his own childhood experiences, this new musical is personal, political, and passionate.


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