Family Festival School Days

Festival School Days: May 26–May 29, 2020

Join the Ordway for the 2020 Flint Hills Family Festival! Plan a day of excitement with your students, featuring the best international performing artists from around the globe for only $4.00 a ticket!

Make a day of it!

After attending an indoor performance, head outside to the Festival grounds, located in Rice Park. Students are able to eat lunch and experience jaw dropping outdoor performances, hands-on art activities, outdoor spectacles and more!

Festival School Days tickets are on sale now. 

Call 651.282.3115 to place your order!

Indoor Performances

Talented artists from around the world descend upon the Ordway stages to perform works grounded in cultural traditions, awe-inspiring wonder, and flights of pure fantasy.

May 26 - 29

School Performances: Cirque Mechanics

Ordway Music Theater

50-60 minutes

Grades PK-8

May 26 - 29

School Performances: Dan + Claudia Zanes

Ordway Concert Hall

50-60 minutes

Grades PK-6

A background with many circles. Text reads: Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical.
May 26 - 29

School Performances: Polkadots – The Cool Kids Musical

Landmark Center Weyerhaeuser Auditorium

50-60 minutes

Grades K-5