Saturday, October 28, 2017

Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound: After the Curtain

Concert Series, Ordway Music Theater

Under the Artistic Direction of Emmy Award Winner, TRAVIS WALL, and co-created with NICK LAZZARINI, TEDDY FORANCE and KYLE ROBINSON, SHAPING SOUND is an electrifying mash-up of dance styles and musical genres brought fully to life on stage by a dynamic company of contemporary dancers.

In After the Curtain, these visual musicians continue to dazzle audiences as they tell the story of a man fighting to find his creative voice after the death of his one true love. Heart-wrenching, breath-taking and ultimately uplifting, this is one dance show that audiences will remember forever.


Special Effects

There will be haze throughout the show.
There are no strobe lights used; however, flashing lights are used to create a strobe-like effect.