Ordway Concert Hall

June 19, 2024

Come join us as Blackout celebrates Juneteenth at the Ordway through humor, music, and swag!

Blackout Improv is an all-Black, Minnesota-based improv troupe that has been bringing truth and laughter through improv to audiences around the world since 2015. Blackout consists of some of the strongest Black performers the Twin Cities has to offer and has a mind to address topics through their art, both serious and absurd, with a sense of reverence, realness, and honesty.

Blackout is honored to be able to partner with the Ordway this year to celebrate Juneteenth. As the day becomes more broadly celebrated around the nation, it is important that we find ways to truly celebrate our freedom and continue to fight and speak out against the forces that oppress us.

Come see the group the Star Tribune says makes “Exhilarating freestyles on the topics of our time.”