Ordway Concert Hall

July 26, 2024

This performance by the locally-acclaimed musician and composer Nyttu Chongo is both a celebration and a mourning of human connection across space and time. Phulani, which means “Open” in Changana, is a series of original works about connecting to each other, the world, and ancestors who came before us through the language of music. This three-part performance spotlights West, Central, and Southern Africa, featuring the West African Kora, Rwandan Inanga, and a variety of Mozambican idiophones and percussive instruments (mbira, timbila). Composed through a uniquely African style of improvisation, Nyttu Chongo will bring soundscapes never before heard on the Ordway stage and explore the threads, rhythms, and sounds that bind us to each other. Learn more about Nyttu Chongo at