Ordway Concert Hall

December 15, 2023

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Pagnia Xiong is incomparable… her voice and presence in both speech and song command every scene she is in.

— Twin Cities Agenda

Experience the awe-inspiring power of music with Pagnia Xiong, an internationally acclaimed Hmong American artist. In the face of personal loss, Pagnia discovered a profound truth: the key to finding love and healing for oneself lies in sharing it with others. From this revelation, the Love Healing online series was born—a beautiful gift of music performances that spread love, light, and healing to hearts from California to Laos, touching over 375,000 lives with its organic reach.

Now, witness Pagnia Xiong as she takes the stage for the first time at the Ordway, weaving her heartfelt original songs and soulful storytelling into a captivating music performance. For nearly two decades, Pagnia has serenaded devoted audiences, and this concert is her love letter to every soul who has embraced her melodies with open arms.

About Pagnia Xiong

Pagnia Xiong, the internationally acclaimed Hmong American music artist, actor, and creative producer, paints her cultural and life journey through art. Overcoming familial obstacles, she persevered to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer, while empowering women, promoting self-love, and inspiring dream-chasers for nearly two decades.

With three albums and performances for over 200,000 people globally, Pagnia's keynote concerts and speeches have sparked empowerment in college campuses, young students, and communities. Her collaboration on the iconic Hmong anthem "Hmoob Yuavtsum Hlub Hmoob" amassed over 1.8 million views, touching Hmong communities worldwide.

In July 2021, Pagnia etched her name in history as the first Hmong American female artist to perform at a US major league sporting event. Recognized by the Ordway as a GreenRoom fellow in June 2022, her artistic journey extends beyond music, receiving critical acclaim for her main stage acting debut with Theater Mu in April 2023. The Star Tribune hails her as "powerful," and Twin Cities Agenda praises her commanding voice and presence.

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