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National Geographic Live

National Geographic Live brings behind-the-scenes stories and unforgettable imagery from world-renowned photographers, scientists, filmmakers, and adventurers- live on stage. In Wild Wolves of Yellowstone, witness the beauty and wonder of Yellowstone National Park with wildlife biologist Doug Smith.

Yellowstone National Park’s two million acres of wilderness contain many stories, including one of the best case studies in wildlife conservation. Doug Smith led the project that reintroduced gray wolves to Yellowstone in the 1990s. Go behind the scenes—including never-before-seen photos and videos—of the quest to bring wolves back and the incredible changes that happened after they arrived.

About Doug Smith

Doug Smith served as a wildlife biologist at Yellowstone National Park for nearly three decades and studied everything from beavers to birds. Most importantly, he led the Yellowstone Wolf Project, which reintroduced gray wolves to the park. He’s written numerous scientific publications and has been featured in four National Geographic television specials. He has also written and edited several books about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, including the 2023 book: Yellowstone’s Birds: Diversity and Abundance in the World’s First National Park.