Ordway Concert Hall

October 15, 2023

No upcoming performances
Free for kids and students


Inspired by the poetry of Langston Hughes and Julia Alvarez, Sphinx Virtuosi presents a program showcasing the beauty and tradition of excellence inherent in classical music created and performed by Black and Latinx composers for many generations. Together, they seek to uplift spirits through sharing the sounds that inspire us and transcend the boundaries of time, history, and struggle. They invite listeners to embrace the many voices and sounds that elevate our collective humanity.

About Sphinx Virtuosi

Since its founding in 2004, Sphinx Virtuosi has defined itself as the most diverse professional chamber orchestra in the country. This ensemble’s dynamic approach to music-making offers an experience of unmatched vibrancy for seasoned and new audiences alike. Comprised of 18 talented soloists, these artists tour annually as cultural ambassadors to communities far and wide.