Ordway Concert Hall

March 30, 2024

No upcoming performances

Voices Unveiled is an innovative music ensemble established in November 2022 by Ehsan Matoori, a virtuoso santoor player and accomplished composer. Collaborating with two extraordinary Iranian female vocalists, Maliheh Moradi and Mina Deris, who recently relocated to the United States from Iran, the ensemble brings a unique blend of talent and cultural richness to the stage.

While the primary objective of Voices Unveiled is to poignantly depict the harsh realities and injustices experienced by Iranian women, particularly those in the artistic field, the ensemble also undertakes a significant mission. It aspires to authenticate Iranian culture and art, particularly during revered ancient celebrations like Yalda, Nowruz, Tirgan, and Mehregan.

In this context, Voices Unveiled seeks to introduce audiences, both Iranian and non-Iranian alike, to the richness and beauty of Iranian culture. The ensemble aims to cultivate a broader awareness of Iranian heritage through their musical performances, meticulously curated to resonate with the ambiance of these traditional festivities. The aim is to deepen understanding and appreciation for the rich traditions associated with these age-old Iranian celebrations.