Celebrating the artist in every child has been the heartbeat of the Flint Hills Family Festival since the beginning.

This year, on our 20th anniversary, we continue the tradition of coming together through the arts, and celebrating the incredible and immeasurable impact that art has on individuals, communities, and the world. Since the first Festival in 2001, we have celebrated the power of art and music with over a million people. More than 21,000 students and teachers have attended the festival on field trips. As one of the largest and longest-standing family festivals in the country, we are always looking for ways to bring new experiences, cultures, and people to a familiar place. It has always been our mission to have students, teachers, and families walk away from the festival with wider eyes than when they came in. The Flint Hills Family Festival is the result of a dedicated partnership between the Ordway and Flint Hills Resources. For 20 years, we have prided ourselves on bringing people together not only through performances by world-class musicians from different cultures and activities and workshops from remarkable artists, but through the artist in everyone. Festivals are not only about who is on stage, but who is in the crowd. The interactive nature of the festival is what keeps families coming back year after year. We are excited to welcome you as a part of Flint Hills Family Festival history!

Flint Hills Family Festival

Ordway's annual Festival celebrating the artists in every child

June 2, 2021