Festivals are places of celebration.

They allow attendees to not only celebrate music and art, but themselves and the world around them. There is something singular about this sort of celebration being shared amongst families, and we are so happy to be a part of this. Flint Hills Family Festival is a place that brings people together, families and strangers alike.

Sharing in the experience of a live performance is indeed an incredibly special thing, with the memories sure to last a lifetime. There are many festivals catered only to “grown-ups,” but we are proud to offer a festival for everyone. Whether you participate in the festival in person by attending one of the socially-distanced performances from celebrated favorites, or by joining an art-making activity on your couch at home, you are a part of the Flint Hills Family Festival.

We are excited to welcome you as a crucial part of this experience. With twelve days packed full of art (in every sense of the word) it will be hard to not find something for everyone. We encourage you to expose yourself and your children to all this festival has to offer, from a hip-hop performance from the House of Dance to making your own piece of mosaic. There are countless opportunities to grow and learn, and it is even more beautiful to be able to do this as a family!

Get ready for your living room to become a dance floor! Koo Koo Kanga Roo is here for Flint Hills Family Festival, and dares you not to shake your stuff as they perform some of their newest music off their upcoming album, Slow Clap (out May 21). Lifelong friends Bryan and Neil have been collaborating to create music that electrifies the senses for the past 12 years. Their goal is to get everyone—not just kids—dancing in carefree positivity.

Flint Hills Family Festival

Ordway's annual Festival celebrating the artists in every child

May 17, 2021