What would a Family Festival be without a family band?

We are so happy to be welcoming the Twin-Cities’ own teen sibling band, NUNNABOVE, to the Flint Hills Family Festival for a virtual performance you can jam to in your living room! The group has the musicianship to easily navigate between genres, making them a group for everyone. Made up of lead singer and bass player, Cadence (20), keyboardist and musical director, Mattie (19), guitarist, Bennett (17), and drummer, Wisdom (15), you are sure to be making space on your playlist for these siblings’ talent. The upbeat and positive energy they bring to each and every song (which, by the way, they write themselves) is something you will want to share with those you love. Each sibling adds their own layer of magic and soul to every performance, and their versatility has brought them to perform in a variety of spaces, from the stage of America’s Got Talent, to local festivals, community fundraisers, and private and public events. Their craftsmanship has been featured on stage alongside renowned Minneapolis talents such as Gary Hines and The Sounds of Blackness and Jearlyn Steele. Make sure you grab your very own front row seat to what is guaranteed to be a performance you and your family will not soon forget!

Flint Hills Family Festival

Ordway's annual Festival celebrating the artists in every child

June 7, 2021