Musical ensemble will perform “Music for Martin” in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Saint Paul, Minnesota (December 7, 2022) — The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts is delighted to welcome the vocal and instrumental ensemble Sounds of Blackness to the Ordway Music Theater stage on Jan. 13, 2023. The Grammy Award®-winning ensemble will perform “Music for Martin,” a multimedia tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. This performance is part of the Ordway Presents series.

“For more than fifty years, Sounds of Blackness has celebrated and brought the music of African Americans to audiences all over the world,” said Ordway Vice President of Programming and Education Dayna Martinez. “We are proud to present their latest concert, ‘Music for Martin,’ the Friday evening before Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We are eager for others to come experience this unforgettable musical performance filled with culture, history and soul!”

Sounds of Blackness is a Twin Cities-based group that performs a range of musical genres, including jazz, blues, spirituals, rock & roll, R&B, gospel, hip hop and soul. The ensemble has performed across five continents for kings and queens, ambassadors, presidents and more. During their “Music for Martin” concert, Sounds of Blackness will perform arrangements of the music that fueled the Civil Rights movement along with poignant narration and audio-visual elements interwoven into excerpts from the great speeches of Martin Luther King Jr.

“Our audiences and guests love the wide-ranging mix of programming and shows here at the Ordway, and this vibrant performance will be one for the books,” said Ordway President and CEO Chris Harrington. “We are pleased to welcome Sounds of Blackness to the Ordway stage as they celebrate the countless contributions of the Black community.”

Sounds of Blackness has won many awards including Image, Soul Train, International Time For Peace, Stellar and three Grammy Awards®. They have performed for worldwide benefit concerts and recordings that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for various noble causes.

The Ordway Presents

Sounds of Blackness' “Music for Martin”

January 13, 2023 Ordway Music Theater

December 7, 2022