Friday, February 28

School Performances: SHAPESHIFT: Grey Skies Blue

School Performances, The O'Shaughnessy, St. Catherine University

Approximate Run-time: 50-60 minutes

$4 tickets and bus reimbursement for all

DanceRecommended grades: 6–12

SHAPESHIFT, a diverse collective of 10 accomplished dancers, combines hip-hop moves and other dance styles with the lyricism of contemporary dance to illuminate the human experience.

In Grey Skies Blue, dancers powerfully tell the story of a summer of friendships through interconnected vignettes, exploring emotional themes of social justice, sexual identity, family history and betrayal. A group of diverse youth face a painful life altering experience when one of their African American brothers encounters a policeman; two lifelong friends embrace their journey of self-identity together; an independent young woman is reminded of her estranged mother’s past fueled by addiction; and a promising relationship is challenged beyond deceit.

Can any of them trust their friends or companions? How well do they really know themselves?