Friday, October 25, 2019

School Performances: Caravan: A Revolution on the Road

School Performances, Ordway Music Theater

Approximate Run-time: 50-60 minutes

$4 tickets and bus reimbursement for all

Interdisciplinary arts | Recommended grades: 4–12

A multi-media collaboration between Grammy-winning trumpeter Terence Blanchard, renowned choreographer Rennie Harris, and Dallas-based visual artist Andrew Scott, Caravan examines black lives in the 21st-century. Through Blanchard’s fusion of jazz, R&B, blues, funk, and soul, interwoven with Harris’ African American dance styles, and Scott’s visual projections and installations. Caravan seeks to revive the motion, audience participation, and social upheaval that was once at the forefront of Jazz, brought into a modern context.

Study Guide

If you’re interested in learning more about this performance, including the artist, the art form, the instruments, and more resources, download our free PDF study guide: