Saturday, May 30

Sons of Mystro

Ordway Concert Hall


The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts has postponed of the 20th annual Flint Hills Family Festival, previously scheduled for May 29-30, due to current public health concerns.

The May 30th performance of Sons of Mystro has been cancelled. Ticket holders for the cancelled performance will be notified directly via an email from the Ordway Ticket Office. If you have questions, please contact our Ticket Office at

Sons of Mystro are young violinists made up of brother duo Malcolm, 23, and Umoja, 20, who use their violins to creatively interpret various genres of music; reggae classics, American pop songs, and their own creations. Stunning virtuosity.

In covering a song, Sons of Mystro invariably enhances that particular song due to their unique styling.

Sons Of Mystro also composes their own material, currently amassing songs for their upcoming debut album. Among their earliest influences, going back to their days in elementary school, is the unique, ground breaking group Black Violin. After seeing Black Violin perform for the first time and meeting them backstage, the youngest member of the group, Umoja, expressed his desire to one day play like them and was advised by Kevin Marcus to “practice, practice, practice.”

This lit a spark within Umoja, as he took this advice literally and greatly improved his technique and styling abilities, consequently impacting his brothers as well.

In bringing the violin to the forefront, Sons of Mystro hopes to bring many years of pleasurable musical enjoyment to an audience, worldwide, especially during turbulent times of distress! Look out world you are on a magical, musical journey, courtesy of the Sons of Mystro.