GreenRoom Schedule

The 2024 GreenRoom program runs from July 8 through August 16, with an opening session and orientation on July 2 and closing session on August 20. To be eligibile to participate, fellows must be able to commit to duration of the program.

Opening session
Tuesday, July 2

10:00 AM–11:00 AM

Orientation 11:00 AM–12:00 PM

July 8–August 16

Monday–Friday 9:30 AM–4:30 PM

Closing Session
Tuesday, August 20

5:00 PM–7:00 PM

Core curriculum

Developed by the core faculty, GreenRoom's curriculum is designed to empower artists to excel in the challenging and rewarding field of musical theater.

GreenRoom Faculty

Finding Your Story

Led by Natalia Romero Arbeláez and Jared Mikach

In this course fellows will work on the art of audition as a singer, with a special focus on appropriate repertoire selection, storytelling through music, and working with a collaborative pianist both in rehearsal and audition. Fellows should come with an entire prepared song used for auditions with a 16 bar and 32 bar excerpt clearly marked.

Improv for Performance and Auditioning Thru Mediums

Led by Denzel Belin

In this course, fellows will be given a strong foundation in improvisation with a deep focus on stage presence. This course will also share various types of auditioning and explore resources to help boost confidence and elevate strategy in the audition room. Fellows will actively learn through exercises and guided practice, accompanied by verbal feedback from faculty within the intimate, collaborative environment.

Movement Mastery: Developing Efficacy and Ease in Multiple Styles of Dance for Musical Theater

Led by Rush Benson

In this course, fellows will be given the tools to develop a well-rounded dance vocabulary and the stamina to handle the rehearsal process. Fellows will be exposed to a range of disciplines of movement, with a focus on technical ability, style, and physical expression demanded by the leading professional choreographers. The tools to best showcase personal abilities and enter any dance call feeling confident and prepared will be shared. In addition to learning movement, abilities to generate movement and work comfortably with improvisation will be expanded.

The Artist Toolbox: Exploring Well-being, Public Speaking and the Business Side of Performing Arts

Led by Tiffany Cooper

In this course, fellows will discover a 360-degree approach to becoming competitive and well-adjusted performing artists. Fellows will gain knowledge about how the performing arts business works by creating an artist package, marketing strategies, and networking tools. Fellows will learn Broadway insider tips, such as how to level up to the next audition, conquering the fear and anxiety of public speaking while learning how to speak with confidence. Fellows will walk away with tools to balance their wellbeing, learn how to tap into a healthy mindset, and move closer to their dreams as grounded artists.

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