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The ARTwalk began in 2003 as a way to lift up and celebrate the creativity of young people through a public, curated art exhibition during the Flint Hills Family Festival. This year, the program returns with the opportunity for students to submit their creative works to a panel of experts from Forecast for Public Art, Juxtaposition Arts, and members of the Ordway Community Advisors Council.

ARTwalk submissions

Thank you to everyone who submitted art to the Ordway's 2022 ARTwalk! Artists will also have their artwork displayed in the Ordway during the Flint Hills Family Festival this May 31–June 4, and will also receive a digital certificate.

2022 ARTwalk submissions
  1. "Butterfly by a Flower" by Rhett, Pike Lake Kindergarten

  2. "Untitled" by Arrow, Lakes International Language Academy

  3. "Best Friends" by Kylie and Ayla, Mississippi Heights Elementary

  4. "Dolores of Encanto" by Rahsai, Sheridan Hills Elementary

  5. "Mountains in the Ocean" by Isaiah, Lakes International Language Academy

  6. "Saving the Endangered Tiger" by Ethan

  7. "Wonder of Flight" by Wah Soe, St. Jerome School

  8. "City of Wonders" by Eliana, Lakes International Language Academy

  9. "We Can Be What We Can See" by Zoe-Christa

  10. "Fisheye" by Odelia, Minnetonka High School

  11. "Rediscover Theater" by Joshua